Invitation to participate in IARRC 2013!

The University of Waterloo Robotics Team is pleased to invite you to the 9th Annual International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition (IARRC) 2013 to be held on July 26th and 27th, 2013 on the beautiful campus of the University of Waterloo.

What is IARRC?

IARRC is aimed at promoting R&D efforts into fully autonomous small-size ground vehicles – in particular the associated artificial intelligence software systems that race these vehicles. Student teams attending in the competition are expected to develop intelligent robots able to navigate a complex road course while avoiding the obstacles and other vehicles without any human guidance.

IARRC first took place at the University of Waterloo in April 2005. Last year’s event was held by UBC’s Thunderbird Robotics, and this year, the University of Waterloo is proud to host IARRC 2013 once again. We are aiming to return IARRC to its racing roots this year, simplifying the rules so that the focus can fall on ensuring safety while racing at speed, completely autonomously, over varied and challenging terrain.

A first draft of the rules has been posted, and all interested teams are encouraged to review them, ask questions and give any feedback they wish.  Rules and prizes will be finalized early next year (we expect only modest changes), and we look forward to an exciting year of racing!  

See you on the track!




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