IARRC 2017 Is Complete!

Hello Everyone!

A loud round of applause to all the competitors, who did a great job this year. Learning from the computer problems UWaterloo faced last year, they placed first this time. PRDG, a new high school participant, displayed an incredible performance and took the second spot, with Georgia Tech placing third.

It’s been my pleasure hosting IARRC 2017, and I look forward to having you again!


Raj Shah


IARRC 2017 Is Finally Here!

We are just hours away from the beginning of the competition. The final team count for this year is 9, which is a significant growth from last year.

If you’re in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, make sure to stop by University of Waterloo’s Engineering 5 Parking Lot to check out the race!

Happy racing!