Reports due tomorrow, optional video competition due next Friday

Dear Competitors,

As the final days to the big event count down, I wanted to remind you that your design reports are due tomorrow, by 5PM EST.  Also, we have an optional video competition, as described in the rules, with the due date set for Friday, July 8th at 5PM EST.  A cash prize of $500 will be awarded to the best video.

Happy racing!


Design reports due July 2nd.

A minor correction to the rules which had the incorrect dates for the design reports.  These are due on July 2, 2016, per the dates listed on the website.  Very much looking forward to seeing the progress the teams have made this year!

Updated Rules and Early Bird Registration Extension

Dear competitors,

The 2016 rules updates are now posted, so have a look.  The big change is a new location, due to construction on campus in our previous race track area.  We’ve also eliminated the tunnel and made a more tempting short-cut, for teams who can navigate tight corners well.  We also changed the scoring significantly, in the hopes that true autonomy is awarded more, and the circuit results will way more heavily in the results.  Lastly, since we had two teams complete the circuit race loop last year, we will now enforce the rule that a loop must be completed to be eligible for prizes.

We would also like to extend the early bird registration deadline to February 29th, 2016, and are actively looking for new teams.  We already have registrants from Canada, India and Egypt, making this a truly international undertaking.

Happy racing!


It’s Official – The 2016 Robot Racing Competition will be held at Waterloo again!

Thanks to main sponsors continuing their long term support of the competition, we are again proud to be hosting the 2016 event at the University of Waterloo.  There will be some changes to the location (we must move to an adjacent parking lot due to new construction), but the main rules will remain the same, allowing teams to focus on lane detection, motion planning and vehicle to vehicle collision avoidance.  Looking forward to seeing some serious head-to-head competition this year, in both the drag and circuit races!

All input on rules and feedback from this year’s event is very welcome!  We look forward to hosting you all again this coming summer!

2015 Highlight Video

We got a first highlight video together from the event, have a look!

An Amazing Event in 2015!

Well, it’s a wrap!

The 2015 International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge is now complete, and it was a very exciting event with multiple teams showing big gains in terms of racing autonomy.  The weather was rather wet on Friday, but Saturday was gorgeous, sunny and hot, and we had a great day of drag and circuit racing.  All teams demonstrated true autonomy on the drag course, and both Waterloo and Western completed the entire circuit course loop autonomously.

The final standings and points are detailed on the Results page, but to spare you the suspense, it was 1st place to Waterloo, 2nd to WCI, 3rd to Western and 4th to Georgia Tech.

We’ll post videos and photos of the events soon, and looking forward to another great event in 2016!

Almost There!

Teams start arriving tomorrow, and weather is shaping up to cooperate on Saturday, although some rain tomorrow during testing is highly likely.  Be sure to come out for a great event on Saturday, race times are 11 AM for the drag race and 2 PM for the circuit race.  All veteran teams this year, should be a mighty showdown for the top prize!