The Rules for the 2018 Robot Racing competition are now posted.  All questions and comments are welcome, we are happy to address any concerns you may have.

IARRC 2018 Rules v1.0(updated January 15, 2018).

The competition is all about autonomous racing robots.  The event focuses on improving the driving ability of autonomous robots, through more realistic race conditions, reduced scope of perception challenges and improved safety for both vehicles and competitors.  The main challenges that will face all teams are:

1)     High-speed vehicle localization

2)     High-speed vehicle control (acceleration and braking) on different surfaces

3)     Stop light and lane marking detection

4)     Collision avoidance with static objects along boundaries of course

5)     Collision avoidance with other competing robots

This is Robot Racing, not Robot Wars.  There will be no stop signs or traffic lights during the race (only a traffic light to signal the start of the race), and all vehicles will be required to stop safely at the end of each race and to operate throughout the race without harming or endangering other robots.  The last goal will likely be the hardest, and so the competition is designed to allow teams to compete without full collision avoidance capabilities, but to award teams that perform collision avoidance well.


The prizes for the 2018 competition will be as follows:

1st place – $3,000

2nd place – $1,000

3rd place – $500